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Project Portfolio

Cyber Security for Corporate Customers

Nowadays, basically every business is dependent on sensitive data. Cyber crime does not stop at the office…

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Strategic Positioning

whiteisland Barcelona has developed a strategic positioning concept and a consequent new corporate design in order to…

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Intelligent Give-aways

A Give-away should be meaningful, useful and fun – all at the same time. When our customer SThree…

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Offline Targeted Communication

A corporate journal is a classical offline communication tool which can be used intelligently for targeted communication.…

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A fresh look for technical stuff

For an engineers office, close to Stuttgart, we have completely redesigned from scratch their web presence. A…

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Building a new PR-brand

At whiteisland Barcelona we love building brands. A brand for a PR project is always very interesting,…

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Communication Design for a startup

When a startup approaches whiteisland Barcelona and asks us to build a communication design strategy from scratch,…

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Sustainable asset investments

Sustainability is key in the 2020s. But not only since then! Already a couple of years back,…

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Recruiting the next Generation

If you want to speak successfully to the next generation of leaders, then you have to know…

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Your brand in the living room

"Make our brand being remembered in the most beautiful moments of our customers." This was the challenge…

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